Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Shall mean Disabilities that the Insured Person has reasonable knowledge of. An Insured Person may be considered to have reasonable knowledge of a pre-existing condition where the condition is one for which:-

  • the Insured Person had received or is receiving treatment;
  • medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment has been recommended;
  • clear and distinct symptoms are or were evident; or its existence would have been apparent to a reasonable person in the circumstances.


Shall mean the following disabilities and its related complications, occurring within the first 120 days of insurance of the Insured Person:-

  • Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Diseases
  • All Tumours, Cancers, Cysts, Nodules, Polyps, Stones of the Urinary System and Biliary System
  • All Ear, Nose (including sinuses) and Throat conditions
  • Hernias, Hemorrhoids (piles), Fistulae, Hydrocele, Varicocele Endometriosis including disease of the Reproductive System
  • Vertebro-spinal Disorders (including disc) and Knee conditions

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